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Tree Nuts Comparison Chart

Sea Salt vs. Table Salt

Mediterranean Diet Food Guide

Meat, Fish, Poultry - Fat and Cholesterol

Low Potassium Food List

High Potassium Food List

Heart Healthy Destination by Cheerios

Eight Steps to a Heart Smart Diet Low in Fat

Enjoy spaghetti with red sauce and a glass of wine? Bean burritos? Grilled fish? Zucchini, spinach, or any other vegetable sautéed in olive oil and garlic? Then heart healthy eating is for you.  We’ll help you craft a way of eating that you really enjoy and that fits into your lifestyle.

Dash Eating Plan

This booklet, based on the DASH research findings, tells how to follow the DASH eating plan and reduce the amount of sodium you consume. It offers tips on how to start and stay on the eating plan, as well as a week of menus and some recipes.

Alcohol and Heart Disease

Alcohol can hurt the heart, but it may also help the heart. Any alcoholic drink causes a small but measurable change in heart cell function. Too much alcohol over time can enlarge the heart and weaken the heart muscle. When this happens, the heart muscle cannot pump blood as well. Eventually, this can lead to heart failure, which means that the heart muscle cannot pump enough blood to meet the body's needs. Heavy drinking of alcohol is also a common cause of irregular and fast heartbeats, called atrial fibrillation.

A Guide to Healthy Eating

This booklet is an eating guide for people at risk of having a heart attack, stroke or blood vessel disease. It explains how you can enjoy improved heart health by changing what you eat.
It is based on the ‘nine steps’ for heart healthy eating. It explores and explains each step in detail, suggests quick and simple changes you can make and shows how to check food labels.